Ever wanted to share holiday pictures, project thumbnails, or anything else with your online buddies?

Let's consider your options. You could FTP the files to your server and let your friends stumble through ugly server directory listings. You could create a website - in a few hours or days. You could use costly gallery creation software, which would create a mess of files on your server. And good luck adding or renaming pictures afterwards!

Please note that Isaac is still in the mid-development stage, so the script and this website may not be fully featured yet.

We trust your organizational skills. Smart users have already categorized and organized their photos on their own computers - folders define galleries, pictures are named in some reasonable fashion. They just want an easy way to view these in the browser. So how painless can we make it? The goal of Isaac is to make this possible through the simplest of acts: putting one file in the topmost folder of your gallery. This creates an on-the-fly gallery with navigation and thumbnails, and no extra files on your server.

Isaac is distributed as a single PHP file. After downloading it, place it on your server in a folder you would like to share. In your browser, type, e.g. to view the instantly created gallery. If you rename i3.php to index.php, you can leave out the last part of the address and just type
Help, that didn't work!